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BOOK UPDATE: (warning: long post!)

The Big Book is available! It turned out great. In a followup post I will describe it further and explain why it is superior to all other Christmas, Yom Tov, and birthday gifts.
Right now there are three ways to get it:
0: From me: You can get one directly from me if I’m going to see you anytime soon or if you’re not in a hurry. I’d like to sell & shop directly through my website but that’s not possible yet. But I ordered a supply, which I’ll probably get in a week or so.

1: on Barnes & Noble here: I ordered one yesterday and delivery is predicted to be Dec 18. I hope that is correct.

2: You can order from Amazon, BUT: Amazon is hiding the book, obscuring the price, and artificially extending delivery times because I created the book using their competitor. Hopefully they will straighten this out, but for now it’s “buyer beware”. AVOID RESELLERS: The book shouldn’t cost more than $19.99.

A FAVOR TO ASK: If you like the book, please post a positive review online! There’s Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and soon I’ll get it on Goodreads. Or spray paint something positive on any nearby viaduct or public building.

In any case, I’d love to hear any feedback on the book and the buying process. If you need one and can’t get one, please let me know.